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Featuring an extensive library of educational videos, ClickView offers middle school teaching resources for every subject, in alignment with current educational practice.

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Comprehensive video library

Designed with you and your students in mind, our comprehensive video library is updated every six weeks with new curated content. Find middle school teacher resources for implementing a flipped classroom, or engaging students in an interactive assessment, all in just a few clicks.

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Designed with curricular confidence in mind

We partner with subject matter experts so you can remain confident that your middle school learning resources are accurate, up to date and follow best educational practices.

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Supports student assessment

Interactive videos can be a fun and helpful tool to support formative student assessment. Create your own using quiz-based tasks or try out an existing interactive from the collection to track student progress. ClickView offers plenty of lesson plans and other middle school education resources to support student assessment and save you valuable time.

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Stress-free integration

ClickView’s seamless integration to any existing Learning Management System (LMS), allows for easy video sharing with your students. Display subject specific content with confidence knowing each of our videos is carefully categorized, and includes downloading, editing, and embedding capabilities.

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24/7 Global access – online or offline

Access educational videos, content and resources from school, home, or anywhere in between – even when you or your students don’t have access to the internet.

Transform videos into valuable classroom resources

With ClickView’s educational videos for middle school, visual content is transformed into a valuable teaching resource. We encourage students to go the distance in learning and engagement by expanding their awareness and understanding of what they view.

Maximize interactive video benefits

Take your student’s visual experience from passive to active in no time with ClickView’s interactive built-in question feature. Keep students engaged by incorporating a variety of different question types, including multiple choice, and short answer. Once complete, you receive detailed results to help conduct formative student assessments.

Effectively measure student success

Engaging students in interactive videos can aid in the development of critical thinking skills and reflection. Track student progress using ClickView’s built-in analytics, offering detailed reports on topic comprehension and student outcomes.

Provide video resources for partner schools

Supporting school partnerships translates to creating resources for collaboration, such as shared libraries. Here at ClickView we do this and more, by granting local schools the opportunity to create their own needs-based resources through our platform.

Cloud-based shared libraries foster collaboration and reduce workload by:

  • Allowing groups of schools to centrally create, manage and share video resources, including interactive curriculum content.
  • Facilitating resource sharing by specialist educators, such as formative assessment quizzes for pre-testing.

Downloadable (and free!) exam prep tools

With ClickView’s offering of downloadable (and free!) teaching and study resources, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to exam prep time for your middle school students.

We’ve compiled teaching and study resources to help you and your students.

Valuable teaching strategies for middle schools

Boost learning outcomes and deepen understanding, with ClickView’s extensive catalog of enriching video content for middle school educators and students alike.

"The breadth and depth of quality and repurposable video content gives our educators the freedom to deliver an inspiring curriculum, whilst pupils can explore further as part of their independent learning."
Gwyn Ap Harri, CEO

XP Schools Trust