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Look no further for elementary school teaching resources to support you at each level of learning. Discover a comprehensive and regularly updated library of ClickView-produced videos designed to meet your unique teaching and learning needs.

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Select a grade level below to uncover a huge library of videos and resources. This curriculum-relevant content has been designed to engage students in learning and impact educational outcomes in your classroom. The collection of more than 700 dynamic videos is designed to engage contemporary learners, and comes with complementary educational resources. Discover time-saving lesson plans and classroom activities, plus learn how to make your own interactive videos to track student progress.


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Our elementary video library is regularly updated, with new releases added each month. A ClickView subscription gives you full access to our original content as well as selections from the world’s best publishers. Find what you need for an interactive student activity, experiment or classroom strategy. There’s plenty to choose from at each learning level across a huge variety of topics.

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For your peace of mind, our team of learning experts help make sure all our high-quality content aligns with current best practice and reflects accurate subject-area understanding.

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We know how busy you are and how important it is to have access to quality resources. With that in mind, all our videos come with educational resources, such as elementary school lesson plans and classroom activities, to support assessment and further extend learning.

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Seamless integration

ClickView integrates easily with your school’s learning management system. It also allows you to quickly edit and share videos with your colleagues and students. Each of our videos has been carefully classified, so you can show the content in class without worrying about seeing advertisements or inappropriate content.

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You and your students have complete access to all ClickView educational videos and resources from anywhere, at any time. Watch content or check out resources from anywhere: the classroom, your home, and any place in between – no internet access required.

Formative assessment in the elementary classroom

Interactive videos can be used as an effective tool for formative assessment. Check the level of understanding of your elementary students as you go, offering them the chance to reflect on what they’re learning during a particular unit or topic.

How interactive video works

To help make video watching an active experience, you can take any existing video and add an interactive layer of questions, choosing from different available question types. After your students complete the questions, their results will help you to conduct formative assessments and plan your teaching.

How your students benefit

Interactive videos help engage students in active learning rather than passive watching. The interactive experience also helps them develop skills in critical reflection. The analytics you receive about student progress can help you target your teaching for a particular topic or subject to improve overall understanding.

Teaching strategies for elementary students

ClickView provides an extensive collection of rich video content to help deepen your students’ understanding of a wide range of topics and concepts. Our Miniclips series is a great way to introduce video to consolidate a topic or provide a stimulus for class discussion.

"ClickView provides us with high-quality video curriculum content with built in quizzes, saving our teachers planning time, enhancing lesson delivery, and engaging our learners."
Jonathan Bishop, Principal