Formative assessment resources

Use ClickView interactive videos to formatively assess your students on any topic or unit of work. You can add an interactive layer of built-in questions or problems to any existing video. Choose from a range of different question types such as multiple choice, short answer, or annotation.

Customize videos with questions or bonus content

How can I formatively assess my students?

Formative assessment is integrated into the teaching and learning process. It can take many forms, such as in-class verbal or written questions or completing a self-assessment. While formative assessment can help teachers identify learning needs and concerns, it can also help students develop a greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. This can help them take greater responsibility for their own learning.

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Formative Assessment Strategies

Formative assessment strategies for the classroom

Useful formative assessment strategies include:

  • Asking questions to individuals or groups (verbal or written)
  • Incorporating self or peer assessments
  • Using exit slips at the end of a lesson, to gather feedback from students on what they’ve understood or need help with
  • Creating interactive videos to gather student data about topic understanding

Encourage students to critically reflect on content

Interactive videos help engage students in active learning, developing skills in higher order thinking and critical reflection. Using interactive videos in the classroom can help your students deepen their learning by:

  • Evaluating what they are viewing
  • Checking their topic or concept understanding
  • Reflecting on what they have learned
Critical Reflection image
Critical Reflection image

Built-in analytic tools provide insight into student progress

ClickView’s built-in analytics provide comprehensive information on student progress. Use interactive video to set questions for students to complete. You’ll get a set of results sent to you directly. You can then formatively assess your students and check their level of concept or topic knowledge.

Target your teaching to boost student outcomes

Discover any gaps in your students’ understanding. These analytics provide valuable insights that can help you measure how your class has grasped a particular concept. They can also help you further target your planning and teaching to improve student outcomes.

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"The ability to edit and publish interactive videos to the library is all very easy to do."
Neil Nodzak - Learning Technologist
Neil Nodzak, Learning Technologist