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A free collection of SEL resources for all levels.

During challenging times, it’s normal to feel more stressed or concerned about things than usual. We’d love to help you prioritize your well-being, and that of your students.

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Why ClickView?


We’re a trusted home for the best educational videos and teaching resources that are curated to suit your needs.

We’re customer led

We involve teachers every step of the way when planning and creating ClickView original content for schools.

Equity of quality resources

Regardless of individual school size or location, a shared ClickView subscription gives districts equity of access to quality resources.

Saves time

Our beautifully curated library will save you time finding high-quality, reliable resources when planning your lessons.

Interactive videos

Our world-class video content with built-in interactive quizzes enhances teaching and engages students.

Seamless setup and integration

Getting ClickView integrated into your school is simple and done for all schools and districts centrally.

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A world-leading platform for video learning

ClickView is the leading producer of video content for K-12 and higher education settings. Access compelling, entertaining, curriculum-relevant video content and teacher resources, compile your own video library, and leverage interactive testing materials for formative assessment. Trusted by over 5,000 schools and colleges around the world, we provide easy-to-use access to effective video content for educators and students.

Up to date and accurate. All of our high-quality ClickView-produced content is aligned to the most rigorous available education standards. We regularly update and add to our collection to make sure our content meets your teaching and learning needs.

ClickView videos are not a passive viewing experience. Our highly interactive videos include knowledge checks, quizzes, and other modes of assessment to engage students in active learning, evaluate comprehension, and support targeted teaching. Learn more

Access ClickView with single sign-on (SSO) using existing staff and student accounts. ClickView also integrates seamlessly with many Learning Management Systems. Learn more

Access a full suite of ClickView training resources. Participate in training with our ClickView Advisors, watch a webinar or tutorial, or attend an event. Our Help Center and friendly customer success team are available whenever you need them.

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From study guides to posters and lesson plans, we offer thousands of educational resources to accompany our K-12 level video content. These regularly updated teaching resources cover all levels of learning and each curriculum area.

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New Teaching Online Masterclass Series (TOM)

A free video course for educators.

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"With ClickView you don’t have to waste time trying to find the ‘right’ video. Their curriculum-focused content is so high-quality, they get it right the first time."
Mark Anderson - ICT Evangelist
Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist