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In partnership with Microsoft, we’re providing 100% free access to ClickView for the 2021-22 school year, exclusively to US school districts that use Microsoft Teams. Bring the most engaging teaching and learning tools, strategies, lesson plans and worksheets to your schools, obligation-free for the entire academic year.

Not a Microsoft Teams school district? Please contact us for a free trial.

Why ClickView?

Our world-class video content with built-in interactive quizzes:

  • Saves valuable teacher planning time
  • Enhances teaching and learning
  • Engages learners in topic content

The ClickView app for Microsoft Teams supports rich learning experiences, particularly for a hybrid learning model.

Five key benefits of ClickView with Teams

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The search function lets you search all ClickView videos directly within Microsoft Teams.
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Share videos directly into Teams chat messages or use the chat tab to talk to your class.
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Embed educational video content from ClickView to share with colleagues and classes.
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Students don’t need to leave the Microsoft Teams interface to access the videos you add.
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Embed questions about your video in Teams to check on the progress of your students, quickly and accurately assessing their understanding.

Free access to ClickView

Get the best educational videos and resources for learning and teaching.

A world-leading video learning resource platform

ClickView is the leading video resource for schools worldwide. Access visually stunning, curriculum-relevant video content and worksheets, your own video library and interactive question layers for formative assessment. It’s world-class video content for effective teaching and learning at your fingertips.

We regularly update our high-quality video collection to make sure our content meets your teaching and learning needs.

Interactive videos including quizzes within the video engage students in active learning, facilitate formative assessment and help teachers plan effectively. Learn more

Access ClickView seamlessly with Microsoft Teams using existing staff and student accounts.

Access remote training with our team, or on-demand tutorials. Our help center and customer success team are also on hand.

Access free teaching resources

From worksheets to lesson plans, we offer thousands of educational resources to accompany our elementary, middle and high school video content.

Why schools love ClickView

Hear from inspiring educators about how ClickView has helped to transform student learning and engagement. Get tips on how to use ClickView for formative assessment, hybrid learning, flipped classrooms and other innovative teaching suggestions.

"With ClickView you don’t have to waste time trying to find the ‘right’ video. Their TV standard, curriculum-focused content is so high-quality, they get it right the first time."
Mark Anderson - ICT Evangelist
Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist


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