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Get access to hundreds of educational videos and supporting resources for middle school science. These unique and compelling assets enable students to better understand how to make relevant observations, ask useful questions, and find plausible solutions. ClickView’s middle school science library covers topics across earth science, the periodic table, physical and chemical properties, basic biology and human organ systems, and much more.

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High quality videos help students clarify concepts whether they are working in the classroom or working independently at home. Using interactive video, you can even conduct formative assessments to check your students’ level of understanding. Our most popular science videos are available free, for a limited time. Discover how you can work with your library team and ClickView to create a deeper understanding of science through video.

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Meeting the Tributes: Elements 1-18

Series: The Periodic Games

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Properties of Materials in Design

Series: Miniclips

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Ovine Brain

Series: Dissections for the Science Classroom

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Climate Change

Series: Miniclips

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Diving into the <br> Water Cycle-image
Diving into the
Water Cycle
Ecosystems: <br> Energy and Matter-image
Energy and Matter
Building by Design: <br> Future-Focused Structures-image
Building by Design:
Future-Focused Structures

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