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Equip your students with practical skills and a well-rounded understanding of health.

ClickView offers a huge range of educational videos for use in the middle school health classroom. Our Social Media Me series encourages students to think critically about their online interactions and experiences, while Finding My Magic: Children’s Rights Series explores the importance of treating others fairly, respecting various beliefs, and health advocacy. These engaging videos are each accompanied by supporting resources, such as downloadable worksheets, classroom activities, and lesson plans.

Middle School Health Teaching Resources

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ClickView offers hundreds of impactful educational videos and supporting resources, such as lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, quizzes, and classroom activities. Watch some of our most popular educational videos for middle school health students, free. Find out how your faculty could use a library of carefully curated video content, like the 5,000 schools already using ClickView successfully in and beyond the classroom.

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Jump on Board

Series: Next Stop, Puberty!

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All the Changes

Series: Next Stop, Puberty!

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Discover extensive curriculum-relevant health resources

A full ClickView subscription means you can download the middle school health resources for any video, such as transcripts, discussion questions, or worksheets. You can even adapt these resources for online learning and embed them into your learning management system (LMS).

Teach health with confidence, knowing all supporting resources align with current educational practice and are developed with subject experts. Our resources can help you plan your lessons to use video effectively as a teaching and learning tool.

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Develop skills for beyond the classroom

The health middle school library is full of relevant, topical content to engage students in the issues that matter to them right now. Use the latest ClickView-produced content as a springboard for discussion and to encourage positive decision-making on topics such as consent, sexual harassment, and cyberbullying.

Teaching resources ready to go

Discover an extensive resource library at your fingertips, including lesson plan ideas, worksheets, and suggested activities to enhance the teaching and learning of health and other related subjects. All educational video resources are available for you to embed into your school LMS. You can also download and print the worksheets for use in the classroom.

Curriculum-relevant content

Teach with confidence using our trusted curriculum-relevant resources created in collaboration with a team of specialized educational consultants. Use them with the students in your class, or share resources and playlists as you plan a unit of work together with your faculty team.

Support reflection and discussion

For middle school health students, interactive videos can extend the opportunity for deep learning. Overlay a series of questions - multiple choice, short answer, annotations, and more - to any library video or use an existing example from the collection. Support robust conversation and reflection on topics such as respectful relationships and online safety.

Teaching strategies resources

You have access to carefully developed resources to help you implement various teaching strategies, including questioning, into your middle school health classroom. ClickView lesson plans are designed to maximize reflection on learning, encouraging students to test their understanding, share ideas, and track their progress.