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ClickView offers a wide range of English language arts videos and teaching resources for middle schools. We keep our collection up to date with high-quality, curriculum-relevant videos that will drive student engagement and reinforce your ELA lessons.

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Our most popular videos about language, writing, and reading are available free for a limited time. Watch one today to see the quality content that has led hundreds of schools to use ClickView for student engagement and better educational outcomes in the classroom. By reinforcing concepts and applying real-life context to ideas, ELA videos can help your students learn and retain information more effectively.

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Sentence Structure

Series: Life sentence

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Tense & Number Agreement

Series: Life sentence

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Modality, Emphasis and Metaphor

Series: Miniclips

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Why Do We Fall for Fake News

Series: The Digital Literacy Series

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Poetic Devices: <br> Metaphor-image
Poetic Devices:
Izzy Learns Abstraction and Technical Language-image
Izzy Learns Abstraction and Technical Language
Know Your Poetry: <br> Short Form Poetry-image
Know Your Poetry:
Short Form Poetry

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