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From the stress and anxiety of exams to interpersonal relationship challenges and cyberbullying, your students have a lot on their minds during their adolescent years. As their teacher, you can provide them with valuable information and resources, along with a safe space to talk about all kinds of issues. ClickView’s collection of high-quality educational SEL videos is a great place to start. Each curriculum-relevant video also comes with supporting resources ready for the classroom, such as lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, and more.

High School Social and Emotional Learning Teaching Resources

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ClickView offers hundreds of dynamic educational videos and supporting resources, such as lesson plans and downloadable worksheets. Our most popular SEL videos are available free, for a limited time. Watch one today to learn why more than 5,000 schools already use ClickView to support student engagement and boost educational outcomes in the classroom. By giving practical examples and applying real-life context to themes, video can help your students learn and retain information more effectively.

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Transition Anxiety

Series: Understanding Anxiety

Download lesson plan resources
Exam Stress

Series: Understanding Anxiety

Download lesson plan resources
Stress as a Psychological Process

Series: Psychology Concepts

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Managing and Copying with stress

Series: Psychology Concepts

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Discover resources aligned with SEL competencies

With a full ClickView subscription you can download the high school SEL resource pack for any video. These comprehensive educational resources include lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, and classroom activities designed to enhance teaching and learning. For a study skills topic, a worksheet may be available guiding students through the process of online research and how to identify reliable sources of information.

Lesson plans

Social Media Me: <br> What is Digital Citizenship?-image
Social Media Me:
What is Digital Citizenship?
Locked in the Vault: <br> Memory Tips and Tricks-image
Locked in the Vault:
Memory Tips and Tricks
Psychology Concepts: <br> Stress as a Biological Process-image
Psychology Concepts:
Stress as a Biological Process

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Topics that matter to your students

The SEL high school library is full of relevant, current content to engage students in issues they care about. Use the latest ClickView-produced content to invite discussion and encourage positive action taking on topics spanning digital citizenship and respectful relationships.

Time-saving learning resources

You’re short on time, so we’ve done the hard work, gathering a huge quality resource library for you. Explore lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and classroom activities to engage your students in various SEL topics. These engaging educational resources are readily available for you to embed into an LMS, download or print to use as they are.

Content created with experts

To best meet the needs of you and your students, all content aligns with current educational practice and has been created in collaboration with educational consultants. Use them with the students in your class, or as a springboard when planning a unit of study with your faculty or teaching team.

Support reflection and discussion

For high school students at any grade level, interactive videos can extend the opportunity for deep learning. Overlay questions at various points in any library video or use an existing example from the collection to gather formative assessment data and prompt reflection on topics such as performance anxiety or the transition to high school.

Teaching strategies resources

Access dedicated teaching strategies resources to help you implement various teaching strategies, including differentiated teaching into your high school classroom. All ClickView resource packs are also designed to differentiate activities and assessment, encouraging students to participate in learning at their own pace.