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Inspire a love of history in the high school classroom.

Use the power of high-quality video content to bring historical events like the Black Death or the Holocaust to life for your students. Use video for effective pre-teaching, home study or to reinforce subject content. From war and revolution to crime and punishment, ClickView has you covered with an extensive library of history videos and supporting resources, including lesson plans, classroom activities and downloadable worksheets.

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High-quality, engaging video content can make a world of difference to engagement and subject understanding. Each ClickView video has been aligned with current education standards in consultation with subject matter experts and comes with bonus resources. For a limited time, you can watch a selection of popular history videos for free.

Learn more about how your history department could use ClickView to make a significant difference to student engagement and educational outcomes. For access to every ClickView video and the full suite of bonus supporting educational resources including lesson plans, request your free trial.

The Significance of the Holocaust in WWII

Series: The Holocaust

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The Parthenon: Everlasting Fame

Series: Classical Antiquity

Download lesson plan resources
Ossian Sweet and the Ku Klux Klan

Series: The Divided States of America

The Renaissance, Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

Series: Civilizations and Ideas

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Access current, high-quality curriculum-relevant history resources

With a ClickView subscription, you can download the accompanying high school history resource pack for any video in our library. Save time and teach your lessons with confidence, knowing that all classroom activities, worksheets and lesson plans have been designed with rigorous education standards in mind. Created with advice from subject matter experts, history resources include quizzes, timelines, people profiles and more.

Lesson Plans

Women of the Ancient World – Egypt -image
Women of the Ancient World – Egypt
Classical Antiquities – Hadrian’s Wall -image
Classical Antiquities – Hadrian’s Wall
Communist China – A Great Leap Forward -image
Communist China – A Great Leap Forward

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Make important connections

Studying history can encourage an interest in the past and help students make important connections to their lives today. Use carefully curated videos in your classes to engage contemporary learners and explore concepts such as change and perspective.

Ready-to-go resources

Dive into high school history resources such as timelines, people profiles and quizzes. You can adapt ClickView resources for online learning, share them with colleagues or teams, download them and embed them straight into your learning management system for easy student access.

Created with history experts

All history classroom activities, worksheets and lesson plans have been created in collaboration with our educational consultants. They have been carefully reviewed for relevance to the curriculum, ready to use in your classroom.

Student ownership of learning

Encourage student ownership of learning as you transform video watching in the history classroom into an active experience. Check in with your students as you navigate a topic, from ancient civilisations to World War 1, encouraging them to reflect on and take responsibility for their learning.

Teaching strategies

ClickView can support you with resources to help you implement metacognitive strategies and other teaching strategies into your high school history classroom. Explore content on the topic of critical thinking to encourage skill development. Discussion-based activities in teacher resources also promote active inquiry in students.