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Support your students to navigate their adolescent years.

From the changes puberty brings, to drug awareness and respectful intimate relationships, your students have a lot to navigate through high school. You can use your health classes as a chance to equip students with tools and strategies to help support them in an ever-changing world. ClickView offers many high-quality educational health videos, along with supporting learning resources. Use the lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, and classroom activities to help plan meaningful lessons on a variety of health-related topics.

High School Health Teaching Resources

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The ClickView collection includes hundreds of impactful educational videos and supporting resources, such as lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, and classroom activities. Watch some of our most popular health videos ideal for the high school classroom, for free. Learn more about how your faculty could benefit from a library of carefully curated video content. You could join 5,000 schools already using ClickView successfully in and beyond the classroom.

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All The Changes: Females

Series: Next, Stop Puberty!

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All The Changes: Males

Series: Next, Stop Puberty!

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A full ClickView subscription gives you access to the downloadable high school health resource pack for any video. Our curated educational resources, developed in consultation with subject experts, are designed to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Explore respectful relationships with a comprehensive teaching resource pack, containing lesson plan ideas, conversation starters, and suggested classroom activities.

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Content on topics that matter

The health high school library contains a large selection of relevant, topical content to engage students in the important issues that matter to them right now. Use dynamic ClickView-produced content to encourage discussion on topics spanning puberty, physical activity, illicit drugs, and more.

Time-saving educational resources

The time-saving resource library at your fingertips includes lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and classroom activities to enhance teaching and learning. Explore engaging teaching resources for high school health lessons. Easily embed videos into an LMS, download or print the worksheets to use in the classroom.

Curriculum-relevant content from experts

Our trusted collection of quality resources are created by our educational consultants to ensure all videos meet your needs for current, academically rigorous learning experiences. Build a resource playlist for the students in your class, or collaborate with a team of educators in your faculty to plan a unit of work together.

Test understanding and support review

For high school health students at any level, interactive videos can extend the opportunity for deep learning and monitor student understanding. Overlay a series of targeted questions to any library video or use an example from the collection to support review and reflection on topics like changes to our bodies or drug awareness.

Teaching strategies resources

ClickView’s specialized teaching strategies resources can help you implement a range of teaching strategies, including goal setting into your high school health classroom. ClickView lesson plans can support young people in your classes to map out and work towards meaningful goals to keep them engaged in learning.