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The world around us is fascinating.

Help engage your students in topics ranging from the planets, earthquakes and volcanoes to changing populations and the urban environment, all using carefully curated video content. ClickView’s huge library of educational videos for high school geography will captivate your students and enhance their learning in the classroom.

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Our world changes so quickly. You can trust ClickView to keep you current with geographical developments and changes through our regularly updated video content. For a limited time, our most popular geography videos are available free. Watch one today and find out why so many schools already use ClickView to enhance student engagement and understanding.

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Impacts of Malaria

Series: Understanding Malaria

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Global Atmospheric Circulation

Series: Weather Hazards


Series: Our Earth and Its Movements

The Great Barrier Reef: A Natural Wonder

Series: Ecosystems

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Discover high-quality geography resources aligned to current education standards

To make your life a little bit easier, we’ve curated supporting educational resources in consultation with geography subject matter experts. You’ll find a full suite of educational resources to help you teach high school geography that have been designed with you and your students in mind. Choose from lesson plans, classroom activities and worksheets that all align with current education standards, such as useful quizzes, timelines and fact sheets.

Lesson Plans

The Pond - Community Ecology in Action-image
The Pond - Community Ecology in Action
River Landforms of the Upper Course -image
River Landforms of the Upper Course
Management of Malaria -image
Management of Malaria

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Reliable, relevant video content

With up-to-date information on geographical trends around the world, ClickView video is a valuable teaching tool for your Geography students. Our high school library offers the latest content on climate and weather patterns, population trends and more to engage your students in learning.

Time-saving resources

Access the high school geography resources for any video with your ClickView subscription. Lesson plans, classroom activities and worksheets are all aligned to rigorous education standards, ready for you to download, share and embed into your learning management system.

For teachers by teachers

Teach geography with confidence at any high school level. All supporting teaching resources are curriculum-relevant and have been carefully reviewed in consultation with our educational consultants, geography subject experts. These are resources for teachers by teachers.

Check student understanding

Making a video interactive by incorporating questions gives students the chance to reflect on their learning. It also gives you, the teacher, an opportunity to identify learning gaps and plan for effective teaching. Check student progress through a geography unit or use interactives to scaffold topic revision.

Teaching strategies

Find resources to support you to implement teaching strategies, such as multiple exposures, into the high school geography classroom. Students can watch ClickView content anywhere, anytime - multiple times - to build learning mastery, while interactive layers can help teachers monitor learning progress.