New Android App and Dashboard Updates

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Joe Pour

Our latest product release, named after Frida Kahlo, features some really exciting updates, including one that will transform the ClickView experience for Android users. We can’t wait for you to explore this live new release.

Release Overview

  • New Android App
  • Dashboard Updates
  • Topics on iOS

New Android App

What does this mean?

All the latest ClickView features are now available in an engaging user experience on the Android platform. The best of ClickView is now available to all teachers and students on any device.

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Why you’ll love this feature:

  • The updated user interface is simple to use with a handy tab-based navigation menu
  • The dashboards highlight the latest ClickView content facilitating easy exploration
  • The ability to filter and refine search results lets you find more of the best ClickView content.

New ClickView Android App

The Android app for teachers:

  • Easily manage your ClickView resources, such as searching on the go, pre-watching or adding content to Playlists
  • Share differentiated content with all students able to watch on their own device
  • Download video content for you or your students to watch offline
  • Record content onto your phone directly into your Workspace to share with students
  • Search resources and plan lessons at home
  • Create flipped lessons or tutorial videos for your students to refer back to

ClickView Android App Available Now

The Android app for students:

  • Watch videos shared by teachers, both within and beyond the classroom
  • Search for content to support revision
  • Create and record content directly into Workspace to share with teachers to display key competencies
  • Manage the watching process to focus better on the content (turn subtitles on/off, adjust volume, pause, re-watch).

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Please note: we recommend users upgrade their devices to Android 7 or higher for the best experience with the new ClickView app.

Dashboard Updates

What does this mean?

Dashboard has been given a lick of paint. When you log in to ClickView, you’ll notice we’ve updated the feature banners and customized each image for a more vibrant and full-width display:


The hero banners on the Dashboard now use more visually dynamic imagery, custom created by our Content and Design team.

Hero banners before:

Hero Banner Before - Persia

Hero banners now:

Hero banners now - Astronomy and Cosmology

Hero banners Now - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Topics on iPhones and iPads (iOS App)

What does this mean?

If you already have access to the Topics feature, you can now access it on the ClickView App for iPhones and iPads.

Why you’ll love this feature:

You can discover the most relevant content based on your teaching specialties and target grade groups, directly in the ClickView app.

Topics on iPhones and iPads

Topics on iPhones and iPads

Let us know what you think

Our team has worked hard to bring the Kahlo release to life. We’re particularly excited about the possibilities for the Android app, as a way to enhance the ClickView teaching and learning experience for all users. Get in touch and let us know what you think about Kahlo, or to suggest a new feature.