Teach grammar foundations to elementary students

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Irene Macias

Discover grammar foundations with the monster crew

The series aims to familiarize students with grammar through these fictional characters’ world.

Learn about verbs, adjectives, nouns, conjunctions, contractions, and adverbs by the hand of this lively monster crew and their every-day life adventures. From birthday parties and card games to holiday dreams, these funny characters will teach your elementary students about the different parts of speech.

Each episode displays a relatable environment where children will discover how to problem solve applying grammar concepts. Every story links theory and practical uses creating a mental picture that students will easily remember and that will help them in their learning journey.

Lesson plan resources:
‘Grammar: Verbs’ Worksheets
Series: Miniclips
Production Year: 2018
Audience: Elementary
Subject: English Language Arts

More teaching resources for elementary grammar

Grammar: Verbs is one episode in our six-part series using grammar foundations in a fun way. See more videos in the series below:


Discover what contractions are, the rules of creating them, and the role that apostrophes play to signal missing letters. Students will also discover that contractions are part of informal language and create a casual tone – which wouldn’t be suitable in their letter to the mayor!


This short video outlines what adverbs are and the four different types – how, where, when, and how often. Through the use of a simple card game, students will discover how adverbs can add more information to a verb, and how to identify adverbs in writing.


Let’s dive into Vito’s dream to investigate the different types of nouns – common nouns, proper nouns, and pronouns – and how they represent peoples, places, objects, and ideas. Students will also learn to recognize that capital letters signal proper nouns and how to recognize the different nouns in their writing.


Explore the power of conjunctions and how they can combine clauses into compound sentences for more interesting and cohesive writing. Common coordinating and subordinating conjunctions such as “and”, “but”, “so”, “or”, and “because” are featured in this video, with plenty of other examples mentioned.


This video investigates five different types of adjectives—possessive, describing, numbering, classifying, and comparing adjectives. Students will learn how make writing more expressive, and how they can expand simple noun groups into more descriptive ones!

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