About us – Our story, mission & values

At ClickView, we strive to transform teaching and learning experiences globally.

We support over 5,000 schools, colleges, and universities by empowering educators with the best of technology and enriching the education of future generations through world-leading video content.

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Our evolution

ClickView was founded in 2003 and we’ve grown exponentially since our early years. Now with teams in the UK, Australia and the US, we have more than 100 staff worldwide working to make a positive impact on the education of future generations. Here’s how we evolved from a tech start-up into a world-leading content producer of curriculum-relevant video titles for educators and students.

Our values

As an organization, we exist to enhance teaching and learning. We support educators at all levels of learning to foster creative and innovative educational environments and to deliver powerful pedagogical outcomes through technology and video. We operate with four key values at our heart.

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Empower learners

We demonstrate our passion for deeper educational experiences through learning, growing, and sharing our knowledge.

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People are at the heart of our organization. We are accountable, and we communicate with each other and our customers with honesty and respect.

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Lead the way

We play an integral role in evolving teaching and learning through future-focused innovation, rising to challenges and always ensuring that we have the long-term in mind.

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Play as one team

We work hard but always make time for fun as we build meaningful relationships, collaborate and share inspiration.


We’re proud to produce award-winning educational videos and teaching resources for educators around the world.